Transforming The Masculine & Feminine Story

Transforming The Masculine & Feminine Story

Conversations Beyond the Cultural Traumas of the #MeToo Movement and The Boy Crisis Movement ~ From Wounded-ness to Wholeness



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Meet The Host

Medea Bavarella Chechik

Medea is a certified Feminine Power Coach, Transformational Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach, and a graduate of The Feminine Power Mastery and Transformative Leadership Programs. Medea has a 35-year background and training in Personal/Spiritual Transformation and Development, holds a private practice, as well as having 21 years of group facilitation experience. Medea is currently writing a book about her life and also compiling an Anthology of her Transformational Poetry. Medea has released three videos of her poetry and her life. She has been selected to be an Anchor writer, as well as, publish some of her poetry by Sibyl Magazine: For the Spirit and Soul of Woman. She produces her own internet talk show: WeEvolve TV-Dialogues On Love Transformation & Empowerment!