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Teleconference recording with Medea Bavarella Chechik – Oct. 29th 2015


If you are struggling in any area of your life, the original cause is living inside of you. If your “reality” is not congruent with your deepest desires …if you are not living from your creative, joyful, loving and abundant self it may be because you are still not completely integrated/whole within yourself; you may have not yet made conscious what in your consciousness (aspects of self) may still be unresolved/unconscious, which is calling to be transmuted, and evolved! It is imperative you consciously choose, first and foremost, to transform what within is stopping you from living from your Highest Potential Self! Only then, can you experience a clear “passage” to your Core Potential Self!

Fear and self-limiting thinking is not a reflection of you truly are, rather it is a reflection of what in you desires to be transformed and evolved. Transform your relationship with the less evolved parts of yourself with love and compassion! Within them, you discover the “seeds” of the blueprint of the new possibilities that want to emerge…they contain the gifts of your new self/new life!
Look beyond your ego’s interpretation…



30 min Feminine Power Coaching Intro Session

In this 35 minutes session, Medea facilitates Donna, through an introduction of Feminine Power-Transformation Of Self-Identity process.


Dear Medea

Your generous gift of our 30 minute session came at the perfect time.

Thank you for extending yourself (even further than you already had in the summit) by offering the opportunity to meet with you for a private session.

I was experiencing ‘pain body’ backlash from being ‘so visible’ in taking part on the Global Summit. However I hadn’t connected the dots and was not yet conscious of when the activation began.

Then you and I began our conversation.

As a result of our time you helped me to connect to my deeper center. You reminded me that I had every reason to celebrate the ‘way that I appear’. You brought the ‘snap out of it’ that I needed to hear but couldn’t say to myself …the important message that I have no need to hide or stay small.

In my head I understand that but in my gut the awareness had become confused with old patterns and the pain was growing.

Since our session I have taken actions to regain my center and to come back into balance. It has been journey. It includes the creation of my wellness team and being willing to do everything possible to breakthrough this old limiting belief.

It’s been a month since we spoke. This old sensed self is tenacious. It doesn’t want to leave…but it will.

Thanks to you and your guidance this false sense of self can no longer continue to run its deeply seated program unconsciously.

Your work is so deeply appreciated.

Donna Drozda

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