In this delightful and rich conversation with our guests, Garth Sam & Darren Austin Hall, we discover and harvest; gifts of antiquity, and healthy holistic relations. We also, explore the unity of the Masculine and Feminine within and without. The necessity for generational initiations and celebration in an age of accelerated information, and the harnessing of power and wise ambition, as to foster the wisdom rising about wellness and wholeness.

Garth Sam

Is a professional life coach, consultant, motivational speaker, writer, black belt martial artist, former Buddhist monk & global humanitarian. With a lifelong interest in human potential development, his eclectic acumen has been honed by both conventional post-secondary studies in psychology & law at top Canadian universities, as well as time-well spent in the company of Eastern masters & mystics. The founder of an international fraternal organization created to “build bonds & better men”, Garth has become a specialist in helping men to work past unhealthy perspectives towards a more enlightened, authentic & fulfilling expression of modern masculinity. As a keen traveler on roads less-traveled & perennial student of humanity who has visited over 40 countries, the positive impact Garth has had on hundreds of people around the world speaks for itself as his finest recommendation.

Darren Austin Hall

Is a sound healer, ceremonial musician and spiritual teacher. He tours internationally, sharing his healing music with the crystal singing bowls and his array of spirituality and wellness workshops and courses. His performances, workshops and teachings are devoted to evolving human consciousness and inspiring a sense of universal truth and unity as well as invoking spiritual activism. He was a featured performer at the TEDx Conference in Toronto and is a writer of the blog called The Druid. He is also co-founder, DJ and co-facilitator of The Big Love Ecstatic Dance & Cacao Ceremony. Darren is also the founder of Conscious Masculinity Toronto and facilitates a men’s group devoted to raising the consciousness of the masculine. He is also the creator of the 4-part course for men ‘Heroic Consciousness’ which involves deeply working with masculine archetypes. He is the creator of the 75HR Source Resonance Training in Sound Healing, Sacred Music & Vibrational Philosophy. His new album of ‘Songs of Source’ is available now.

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Garth Sam
Darren Austin Hall

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Lamont Daigle
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