In this rich and heartfelt conversation with Lamont Daigle & Sharon Ann Rose we speak to the way we listen, our ability to respond with empathy and compassion and the importance of holding space in deep connection in parenting, family transitions and loss. We leave us all in this series with the important question, “What it is like to be a heart?”

Lamont Daigle

LAMONT DAIGLE, a French Acadian from Richibucto, N.B., Canada, has lived in The Beach area of Toronto for 20 years and is a Proud Father of 13 years to his daughter, Maddy. Founder of Mentra World Service Corporation & Kangen Water Toronto, Lead Ambassador to Full Media Agency,  Contributing Founding Member of The Wealthy Backpacker, Brand Ambassador to BiOptimizers, Initiated Member of Man Kind Project International & Advocate to Boys To Men Canada. Lamont creates passionately & tirelessly around All Empowerment, however, attunes his focus to the Men-Boy Crisis and alternatively being the Messenger towards Truth and Unconditional Love. Snappy Dresser Lamont meditates when possible, loves Dr. Hawkins, enjoys acting & writing, destroys unsuspecting dancefloors, chefs like craft, & can skate barefoot in a pool but doesn’t.  Virtually everyone agrees, Lamont is the Realest, most Authentic and Honest Man they know…Let’s figure out this Human thing together k? LOVE YA! ?

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Sharon Ann Rose

Is a Soul Midwife of Feminine Authenticity and an Evolutionary Wayshower. She listens and offers clarity of Heart and compassionate action steps like none other. She is an award-winning poet and author of the book, Faces of the Mother: a journey, a collaboration, a Feminine Restoration – a soul map into the Creative Feminine. Sharon’s healing practice is based in Portland, OR where she offers sacred medicine for humanity’s soul hunger. She is the mother of 3 sons, and wife to the youngest of 5 boys. She shares transformative programs with mothers of boys to deepen how we’re showing up to the full potential of our Masculine and Feminine selves and relationships.

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