A Conversation with Gangaji is a monthly program in which Gangaji and producer Hillary Larson focus on relevant topics that arise in our daily lives. Where do our beliefs about spirituality and the realities of our lives come together? A Conversation with Gangaji reaches listeners in 164 countries and has been downloaded over 2 million times.


A Conversation with Gangaji – Finding Freedom in Everyday Life

Join Gangaji and host Hillary Larson as they take a close look at the issues that we face in our everyday lives, one topic at a time. Every month, for thirty minutes, A Conversation with Gangaji will address subjects like addiction, chronic pain, intimacy, depression, anxiety, enlightenment, death and many others.

Episode 3: The Moment of Choice

The stress of everyday life presents endless opportunities for fear and anxiety to show itself. Whether it’s acute or chronic anxiety, it’s natural for us as humans to want to control it in the hope that it won’t get bigger. So we tell ourselves to “just...

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Episode 1: Facing Chronic Pain

All of us will at one time or another be confronted with some type of acute or chronic pain, both emotional and physical. As humans, it's normal to try to search for ways to get rid of it, or at least find some relief. In this first episode of A...

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