2015 Summit

Welcome to our Summit: Women Who Love With Wisdom & Power! The Summit videos were aired from September 30th to October 15th, 2015, and are now available for all member subscribers.

In Barbara’s Words:

It is possible for each of us to discover the peace that lies within our hearts, as ourselves. I never imagined it was possible for my personal suffering to end, for me to discover peace until my teacher, Gangaji, told me to just check and see. My assumption or thought that I was somehow being excluded from happiness, was the only obstacle to freedom. Just a thought. Gangaji encouraged me to stop and see what is really here. Right now in this moment. If I can share anything with anyone in my lifetime, it is simply this invitation to check and see, what is here, now? Here in this moment, without having to go anywhere or be anything in particular., who am I?

In this interview I speak about the wisdom of inclusion and gift that awaits us in our willingness to not seek power, but to relinquish it completely.

With love, B