2015 Summit

Welcome to our Summit: Women Who Love With Wisdom & Power! The Summit videos were aired from September 30th to October 15th, 2015, and are now available for all member subscribers.

 In Donna’s own words:

I am deeply curious about all the ways that life can scare us sacred. By facing into the shadow comes the opportunity; refreshing the art/life… seeking the expansive roots/evolving new wings.


I’m a Luna-tic. I paint by the light of the moon and sync into the creative rhythm of the seasons. In my conversation with Medea I share some of the ways that the art/life inspires me…keeping in mind this little sing-song that came to me one day in my studio: “we all come from a womb, we’re all moving toward a tomb, we all have a mom, we’re all afraid of the bomb, we’re all looking for home. Our very language delivering us ‘OM’…the thrumming sound of the Universe … bringing us home to Center.