2015 Summit

Welcome to our Summit: Women Who Love With Wisdom & Power! The Summit videos were aired from September 30th to October 15th, 2015, and are now available for all member subscribers.

In KA’ryna’s Words:  

Messages from the Ascended Heart of Feminine Presence¡¦
What is the ¡°Mother¡± of all questions aching for answers in your heart?

Listen and be still¡¦.be present with the radiant core of your essential presence.
Sit and be¡¦ let yourself be nurtured by a field of sustenance that feeds the heart of your awakened wisdom.
Allow the voice of your ecstatic bliss to fill you with the magnetic calling of your complete divine treasury.
The ancient well of the feminine waters of wisdom rises up and calls forth the depths of our embodied light¡¦
The tide of profound Luminous Leadership is turning on Earth, as Women everywhere awaken to the Light of their own True Nature.

My Message for you¡¦
¡°Accept the Invitation of Life¡±¡¦be embraced and held in the Power of Love and Receive!
¡°Acknowledge the Promise of Love¡±¡¦be aligned within the radiant core of Truth and Restore!
¡°Actualize the Gift of Grace¡±¡¦be stilled by the Power of Presence and Rise!

I Am KA’ryna SH’ha
(Grandmother AH’LU’SH’Mah)