~A Feminine Power Core Transformation Session~
with Medea Bavarella Checkik

This introductory one hour session is a Gift to you from me!


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I’m passionate about helping women shed feelings of wounding, victimization and shame and connect to their core essential selves — the Divine Feminine within. I have a fervent desire to help women meet the challenges, trauma and the grief of their lives with wisdom, love and compassion.
I speak from my own experience of having to navigate through many challenges, as well as having over 25 years of experience supporting women through their process of transformation.

My passion for this purpose arose out of a very traumatic and life altering experience several yeas ago, after a very profound loss!

The grief acted as a catalyst for deconstructing my old paradigm of consciousness, while creating a new one that allowed a more direct and intimate resonance with my Essence Self.

My heart was totally shattered, since I grieved consciously, however, I was able to creatively reconstruct it with much more love, compassion, and empowerment!

An incorruptible, deeply trusting and steadfast communication from Essence Self to personality self started to unfold. Essence Self was actively healing my broken heart…loving me through sublime communion, and creating beauty, love, peace and Higher Creativity in my life!


As women, we need to empower our Self, own our power and wisdom…and embody it!


The journey of this incarnation is to heal and transform what is obscuring your truth, and to consciously evolve to realize the truth of who we are! Only YOU can do this for yourself!
No more waiting…You are the one…You are here…now…and You can do it!
True power comes from awakening to the realization…YOU already are it!!!
Allow your Self to rise, to Be who you truly are, embody your Feminine Genius, Wisdom & Beauty!
The Divine Feminine IS already HERE!!!
I bow to IT in mySelf and in ALL of YOU~women as well as men~

Are you a woman who:

is ready to take responsibility for yourself and the quality of your life;
is willing to invest in and commit to your own healing and transformation;
has an understanding that the journey of transformation and growth is an ongoing process; and
is open to taking an active role and partnering with me in your personal empowerment?

Perhaps, you are or you know a woman who is experiencing difficulties/challenges, such as:

grief and loss;
depression and/or anxiety;
feelings of low self-esteem;
getting a sense of identity, worth, security from the outside/others;
self-sabotage, self-blame, self-loathing, negative inner dialogue;
relationship conflicts;
giving power away to things and other people;
an unsatisfying job or relationship;
uncertainty about desires/goals;
not being able to fulfill goals and dreams?

From this high-value sessions, you will take away:

Clarity of perception and understanding and a greater awareness of how you are the creator of your own experiences;
the ability to utilize your life challenge(s) and difficulties as opportunities to help you heal, develop and grow wounded parts of yourself;
a perspective of yourself, (and others) which is based on truth instead of assumptions, interpretations and old, false thought patterns and beliefs;
an empowered, generative, skillful and effective relationship with your emotions: the foundation of a greater experience of what is possible for you in your life;
the capacity to relate from feminine qualities such as compassion, inclusiveness, connection and intuitive perception; and
attunement with the innate feminine energy within yourself to generate self-acceptance, self-love, joy and radiance.

These benefits are the precursors to experiencing more fulfillment and greater self-expression with your work, healthier and more balanced and satisfying personal and professional relationships, and greater physical health and energy.

By saying YES to this Feminine Power Core Transformation session, you are actively and consciously participating in your own individual healing and transformation and the collective upliftment, wisdom, power and self-realization of women globally.

Medea Bavarella Chechik is a certified Feminine Power Coach, Transformational Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach, and a graduate of The Feminine Power Mastery and Transformative Leadership Programs.
Medea has a 35-year background and training as a Transformative Teacher, in Personal/Spiritual Transformation and Development, holds a private practice, as well as having 21 years of group facilitation experience. Medea is currently writing a book about her life and also compiling an Anthology of her Transformational Poetry. Medea is also the Founder and Host of the internet talk show: WeEvolve TV™


EMERGENCE ~ A Gift For You!~

By Medea Bavarella Chechik

The earth and all its creations alive with the essence of you!
You are the essence of all that I Am…reflected within the core of existence itself.
Lay to rest…your burdens…
Know the story of your life is the catalyst for your awakening.
It has served you well!
Shed your old skin and be reborn as the perfect expression of your Divine origin.
Your dawn has arrived!
You are on your evolutionary trajectory!